Irri 9 long grain

Irri 9 is long grain non-basmati rice produced in Pakistan. This long grain rice is very popular in Saudi, Middle East, Bangladesh, Africa and Philippines.

Irri has two main varieties which are Irri 9 and Irri 6 Rice. Irri 9 has a long grain size then Irri 6 and Irri 6 has a wider width then Irri 9. Irri rice is mostly grown in the province of Sind and southern Punjab.

Average Grain Length 6.7 mm
Width 1.68
Classification Non-Basmati
Chalkiness Yes
Aroma Absent
Moisture Content 13 - 14%
Polishing Grade Silky
Damaged & Yellow 0.1
Broken Grains 5
Chalky Grains 2-3%(white) Nil%(parboiled)
Contrasting Varieties 5-7%
Foreign Grains 0.1%
Foreign Matter 0.1%
Paddy Grain 0.2%
Under-milled 2%