Rice Milling

Malik Sons has continuously enhanced their export orders since its establishment (1993) and have installed a rice mill in the cosmopolitan city of karachi in order to cater handsome quantities for our buyers around the world.

We fulfill all the necessary international requirements while procuring rice stocks, milling, reprocessing and its exports in order to avoid any inconvenience to our international buyers world over.


The Basmati grain has a slender and distinquished structer. It has a distinct fragrance both when raw and cooked. On cooking, the grain elongates to twice its orignal size and remains completely separate from one another . Goumets all over the world know that no long grain rice can match the goodness of Basmati. It is grown on the fertile alluvail soils of sub-mountainous districts of Punjab province and waters and watered by the cool streams of the Himalayas. The rich fertile soil, the fresh waters and the ideal weather of valleys of five rivers, give Basmati its which made Basmati the favourite of the great Mughal emperors.

Pakistan has developed the Super / kernel Basmati which is an extra long grain Basmati which is an extra long grain Basmati. It has an average grain length of + 7.3 mm, with all of the orignal characteristics of Basmati.

IRRI - 6

It is another long grain rice cultivated in the Provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The unbroken sunshine, controlled irrigation and the fertile soil gives the Kernel of Irri - 6 a translucent pearl-white colour and tingling healthy fell. The Kernel is bold with a round tip. The grains remain separate, do not burst and are fluffy. The average grain length is about 6.2 mm.

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