Rice Husking Process in Pakistan

Rice Husking Process in Pakistan Rice Importer in Pakistan. Malik Sons with a clear objective to attain and maintain perfection in rice milling processing, exporting aiming to provide its customers complete satisfaction. The selected paddy is allowed to slowly reduce its moisture by traditional and modern methods until it achieves optimum moisture content for husking.Gradual drying helps to avoid thermal cracks in the rice grain that would later result in broken.

At the Malik Sons Pakistan Sheller in Kamoki, brown rice is produced after cleaning, dehusking and grading. In this stage only the outer husk is removed, leaving the germ and bran layer intact. Top of the range Japanese Husker from Stake has been installed to ensure delicate rice grains do not develop cracks and broken tips during husking.

Bran is rich in minerals and vitamins. This minimal processing therefore, produces rice that is healthier to eat. For Malik Sons Pakistan, the key is to ensure that Basmati retains all that nature has given it. The brown rice after grading is transported to Malik Sons Pakistan warehouses in Karachi.