PK 386 Long Grain

PK 386 Basmati Rice Exporter in Pakistan

Malik Sons Pakistan is the 386 Basmati Rice Exporter in Pakistan. PK-386 is a class of non basmati fragrant rice that looks more or less like the basmati grain variety that commonly grows in the Punjab province of Pakistan. PK-386 is the most used non basmati rice variety across Asia, Africa, and Middle East, with a growing market in Europe, Australasia, and the Americas.


PK 386 Basmati Rice Exporter in Pakistan. PK-386 is long grain rice and stands second after Super Basmati rice in sale.  PK-386 Rice is good in cooking and size and this is good choice in reasonable price. We are producing best Long Grain PK 386 rice in our rice mill and our quality makes us Leading rice exporter and rice supplier.

In PK-386, there are other varieties ranging from white rice to parboiled rice and even brown rice. We produce the finest quality of PK-386 non basmati fragrant rice that passes through industry best quality assurance and control. 


Average Grain Length6.8
Moisture Content13-14%
Polishing GradeSilky
Damaged & Yellow0.1%
Broken Grains2%
Chalky Grains2%(white) Nil% (parboiled)
Contrasting Varieties7%
Foreign Grains0.1%
Foreign Matter0.1%
Paddy Grain0.2%