Quality Control

Quality Control

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With the help of young, diligent and highly qualified technical staff, we ensure the quality of rice and packing in accordance with the demands of our Buyers. 

To insure the quality of Rice Malik Sons have installed state of the Art processing, reprocessing and husking plants with an individual capacity of 10 M.Tons/hour.

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In order to cater to the requirements of foreign buyers, the company engages in the export of rice, on the basis of certain specific grades of quality and specifications. The grades of quality have different set of specifications with respect to the various items of refraction such as the contents of broken grains, foreign matter, moisture percentage, etc. 

Malik Sons has engaged personnel who have complete knowledge, expertise and experience of decades in rice handling, processing and preservation in order to ensure that all consignments are prepared and processed in accordance with the international export standards. 

All rice are fumigated with Aluminum Phosphide in tablet formulations in godowns and in the shiphilds after completion of shipment in vessels or containers, under the supervision of qualfied entomologist in accordance with quarantine laws prescribed by the Department of plant Protection. Government of Pakistan, who issue the Phytosanitary Certificate. 

In oder to be able to control the quality of Basmati rice which has a very sensitive export market, Malik Sons has established their own rice milling grading plants with mordern equipment, in the heart of Basmati growing region in Punjab. These are located at Nankana and Muridke, District Sheikhupura. These plants are equipped with mordern rice processing equipments such as destiners, paddy separators, length graders, width graders, mist polishers and broken siftores. 

Malik Sons has their own covered godown storage facilties at Karachi for Irri varieties. Covered Storage facilities have also been arranged in the mill premises in Punjab.

Malik Sons offers shipment of rice, paked in bags(Jute/PolyPropylene) in bulk and any type of consumer packing (Cotton cloth or paper bags), in containers on FOB or C&F basis to all destinations in South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America.